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About our scrap my bike service

Whether your scrap motorbike has been involved in an accident or is beyond repair, we will buy it and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

As always we will pay the very best price for your scrap bike and will arrange a convenient time to come and collect it from you.

Our team will also complete all the paperwork for you so the vehicle is scrapped correctly and shows officially that it is.

So why would you need our scrap my bike service?

One of the reasons you may want to scrap your motorbike is that the cost is too much to maintain and run the motorbike. Because of the cost of running it other people may not want to buy it either if it's put up for sale.

If you do think about selling it, the time and money advertising the motorbike may not be something the owner wants to do.

Similarly the bike may have failed its MOT or the tax has run out and as the owner you may not have the funds to fix the problems.

By using our scrap my bike service after accepting our great offer for the scrap motorbike it is possible that within a day you could have your bike collected and paid for.

So basically people use our scrap my motorbike service because it is easy, quick and it guarantees the bike is disposed of correctly.

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What is Our Scrap My Motorbike Service?

1. By phone or online

We will provide a very quick price quote for your scrap bike

2. Accepting our quote

On accepting our quote we will arrange to call to you to collect your bike

3. We pay you!

We pay you for your bike

What makes of motorbikes do we scrap?



Harley Davidson

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What types of bikes do we scrap?

Street motorbikes

Standard motorbikes, also known as standards, naked bikes or roadsters

Cruiser motorbikes

Power cruiser motorbikes

Sport motorbikes

Touring motorbikes

Sport touring motorbikes

Dual sport motorbikes

Utility motorbikes



Off road motorbikes

Dirt bikes






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