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What to do with a van that is not worth fixing in the UK?

If you are in the situation that the repair costs outweigh the value of your van, then your van is not worth fixing. To sell your damaged van a specialist buyer like us will offer you the best price for it. We also buy salvage vans aswell.We will give an online quotation in seconds.

It’s important to give correct details on our online form to get an instant price. Also when we speak to you it is important any details not on the form is advised at this point.

All our quotes are guaranteed but are based on the details you have given us. They are also subject to our inspection when we have arranged to collect your van.

For example if we come to collect the van and its not as described we reserve the right to amend our price.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One example,would be if we have quoted on collecting a van which is said to be badly damaged but starts. However on arriving we find its a non runner the recovery vehicle sent may not have the capability to recover a non runner.  A second example is where the price quoted will have been based on its reported condition. This means the price will  based on whether we deem it as a scrap van or a salvage van.

If a van is damaged through one element of the van and the rest of the van is fine means that the van can often be bought as salvage and the van parts sold and used to help repair other vans.

Completely fixing damaged vans can be time-consuming. It can be expensive and requires levels of skill and expertise that the general public do not have so these are sold as salvage vans.

Types of vans we buy

Damaged vans and salvage vans - Any make and any model

We buy any type of vans ranging from Panel van, Flat bed van, Tipper van and Luton van.We also buy Mini Bus, Camper van, Crewcab as well as Pick ups and 4 x 4's.

A damaged van can fall into different types of damage. For example damage to the bodywork, damage to the engine or damage to the interior.

The time to get these damages sorted out can be very time consuming. So depending on your circumstances you may look to a professional scrap van buyer or buyer of salvage vehicles.

There is good news is if you decide to sell it. The price offered  will be higher because it may be classed as a salvage van.

A salvage van is valued more than a scrap van. A scrap van is one that will be disposed of and recycled for metal. If you have a scrap van you can get your scrap van price on our page for scrap my van > 

A salvage van is one that is damaged in some way, it may be a higher prestige make and model, can have its parts sold or can be repaired to be road worthy again.

A typical example of a salvage van is an MOT failure.

If your van has failed its MOT, you may think that it's best to sell your van.

Selling a van can be hard but trying to sell a van that has recently failed its MOT test, or has no MOT, will make it much much harder.

A business owner looking to buy a van for his business will want it to be road worthy and have an MOT so it can be driven straight away.

If you are in this situation try us for a quote for us to buy your van. Many people are surprised with the price we quote for their damaged vans.

You have nothing to lose! It only takes a few seconds to get your damaged van quote from us.

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Shall I sell my written off van?

If you are thinking shall I sell my damaged van which has been written off then you may be surprised what we will offer you for it. Whichever category of write off that your van is we will be happy to buy it. An insurance written off van can be classed as a damaged van or salvage van. This depends on which category of write off it falls under.

Here are the category levels of written off vans:

 A – Scrap

Category A is the rating given to vehicles which are not suitable to be repaired. No parts of the car are allowed to be reused for salvage and the entire vehicle must be scrapped.

B – Break
B is given to vehicles which are not suitable to be repaired. However some of the vehicle’s parts may be used elsewhere.
S – Structural
 S is the rating given to vehicles which have received damage to the structural frame or chassis. This rating is given for cars where the owner/insurer decided not to repair it. However these vehicles can be used for salvage.
N – Non-Structural
 N vehicles do not have any structural damage and this category is given to repairable vehicles. This is where the owner/insurer decided not to proceed with repairing the vehicle.
Why sell your damaged van to us?

We are specialist damaged van buyers, we buy all sorts of vans whatever condition they are in. Even if your van is badly damaged or broken for salvage we will still buy it from you. Here are some sell my damaged van examples.

Sell my damaged van example.

Your van may have an engine failure, you may have badly crashed your van or just have major issues with it, whatever is the reason we will buy your damaged van.

The reason for is that whatever the damage to your van we can still value it and buy it from. There are other outlets that may only want to buy a van that has failed its MOT and is an easy fix.

That is not us, we guarantee we will buy it from you whatever damage and condition your van is in.

Sell my written off van example.

If you have had a crash in your van and you have badly damaged the bodywork this damage would classify the vehicle as damaged.

Depending on how badly damaged the van is, your insurance may consider the cost of repairing the vehicle as uneconomical to do.

But just because an insurance company thinks it's uneconomical to repair the damage, doesn’t mean it cannot be repaired. In this instance whilst the shell of the van has sustained the damage, parts of the car can still be reused for spares and repairs in other vans.

This is where approaching a specialist damaged van buyer like us will guarantee you can sell it.

Sell my MOT failure van example.

If you are selling a non-running van without an MOT certificate this is classified as broken as it isn’t actually working. But just because the van is broken, doesn’t mean it’s unusable. The body of a broken van may be perfectly fine which means that the van can be repaired if the parts which are broken, are changed or fixed.

Unwanted Cars and Vans are here to help!

Many broken vehicles can be time consuming to source the parts and actually do the repair so thats where we come in and pay you for the vehicle. Our sell my damaged van service eases the worry of having your unwanted  van stuck on your drive.

Because we are a specialist damaged van buyer  our sell my damaged van service will take all the stress out of the process and you at least get the best price paid in return.

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